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Get Inside My Head.
Well, hey! I'm Ally and I'm just your normal A.D.H.D., O.C.D., movie-addicted, TV crazed, baseball-fanatic 18-year old girl. I love to have a good time and meeting new people is my calling, so even though my Journal is Friends Only, don't be afraid to add me. I'm sure we can find something in common! But I don't want to bore you with my ramblings, so let's just go straight to the interesting stuff, eh?

*First, some random thoughts*

I pledge because fat or skinny, tall or small, ugly or pretty does not define a character; a personality defines a character.
I'm a girl gamer.
INCEPTION. That is all.
Hopelessly addicted to Sherlock.
Conan O'Brien > Everyone else.
Frank Sinatra can sing the phone book and still sound amazing.

*My Loves*

Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are good in anything. The rest: Aaron Yoo. Anton Yelchin. Bradley Cooper. Casey Affleck. Chris Pine. Dominic Cooper. Heath Ledger. James McAvoy. Jamie Bell. Jason Bateman. Jay Baruchel. Joel McHale. John Cho. Jude Law. Justin Long. Matt Damon. Paul Rudd. Ryan Reynolds. Seth Rogen. Will Smith. Zach Quinto.

Inception. The rest: Atonement. Chaplin. Cold Mountain. Disturbia. Finding Forrester. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Frost/Nixon. Gone Baby Gone. Good Will Hunting. Harry Potter. Iron Man. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Last King of Scotland. LitteMissSunshine. Milk. Ocean's 11-12-13. Pirates of the Caribbean. Sherlock Holmes. Star Trek. The Bourne Trilogy. The Hangover. The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tropic Thunder.

*TV Shows*
I am addicted to "Sherlock". "The Vampire Diaries" is another favorite of mine. The rest: 24. Alias. Arrested Development. Bones. Breaking Bad. Burn Notice. Castle. Community. Criminal Minds. Dexter. Firefly. Freaks and Geeks. Generation Kill. House. How I Met Your Mother. In Plain Sight. Leverage. Monk. NCIS. Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Psych. Pushing Daisies. Royal Pains. Supernatural. The Kids in the Hall. The Mentalist. Whale Wars. White Collar. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Jason Mraz is in a league of his own. Frank Sinatra will always be amazing. Hans Zimmer has a way with scores. The rest: A Fine Frenzy. Britney Spears. Cobra Starship. Coldplay. David Cook. Dean Martin. Emerson Hart. Fall Out Boy. Flobots. Gavin DeGraw. Girls Aloud. Graham Colton. James Carrington. Jon McLaughlin. The Killers. Kings of Leon. Lady Gaga. Mads Langer. Newton Faulkner. Regina Spektor. Rosie Thomas. Rufus Wainwright. Ryan Star. Sammy Davis Jr. Sara Bareilles. Secondhand Serenade. Shawn Hlookoff. OneRepublic.

Accents. Ancient. Banners. Beach. Broadway. Germany. England. Fashion. France. Graphics. Guitar. History. Icons. Ireland. iPod. Novels. Ocean. Photography. Photoshop. Piano. PS3. Singing. Wii. World languages. Writing. Xbox.

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